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As artists we are constantly looking for inspiration. As we browsed through the internet we found that information is sparse or all over the place. That’s why we decided to put as many genres of art and design into one place. We’ll upload tutorials and blogs about various topics and tutorials, hopefully something will catch your eye and inspire you. We’ll mainly cover the work of Jewelry designers,Graphic Designers,Photographers,Artists,Writers,Fashion Designers,Web Designers and 3D Designers. If you think we’re missing out on some kind of designer then mail us with your suggestion!

If you feel like you have something to share then don’t hesitate to send us an article with a minimum of 400 words to Ruan(at)pixelsmiths.co.za. Links happily added into articles. Feel free to send in short stories for the writers articles.


Oops, I Got an English Degree! Inspiration for writers

Oops, I Got an English Degree!

This morning, I woke up to a horrible realization. Actually, that happens pretty much every morning, the realization being that I’m awake and no longer in the blissful world of dreams.

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Game Designers

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Game Designers. It’s not an easy job as one might think at it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. Story line and game mechanics go hand in hand and no game is is complete without good art work. Although there are some exceptions (minecraft)

Flash games seem to be gaining ground steadily as well as application type games. Next step, Gamification. This Category will have any atricles concerning game designers,tutorials,flash games,app games or anything game related.

Different Social Medias to use for exposure

Many people tend to forget the power of Social Media and how dependant your business is on having an online presence as well as an offline one. Having your own site with examples of your work and your business details is a great first step, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Start using the free services of Social Media to expand the exposure of your site and building a bigger clientelle. More clients means more business which equals you enjoying what you do. Oh and the extra money helps too.

So create an account in the following Social Medias…

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2011 Fashion Trend and Tips for Summer

2011 Fashion Trend and Tips for Summer The summer fashion trends and tips has arrived and are patiently awaiting the season to blast upon us. This summer has promised to make every women shine by what they are wearing. The maxi dresses will definitely make a come back this summer and falls under the top fashion trends and tips for 2011. Another fashion statement will be highlighted by the denim shorts which is a must have in your closet coupled to that sexy sleeveless top bursting in … Read More

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Creative Jewelry Business Ideas: Not Just a Regular Shop

Instead of just opening a regular online shop selling your jewelry, consider these ideas for using your jewelry talents and making big profits. Here are some different jewelry business ideas: Sell custom made jewelry for special occasions For weddings and other events, people need custom jewelry made, and you can be the one to make it. If you’re good with deadlines and understanding people’s needs, this could be the jewelry business for you. Sell … Read More

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Are your daily habits making you sick?

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Are your daily habits making you sick?

Thinking Outside of the Box – M.T Hoffman

Ever since I was a young kid I always loved photography. I would constantly borrow my mom’s 35 mm camera and
take numerous photos of animals, bugs and nonsense. Even as a child, I enjoyed taking photos of the random things
that I would come across.

When it comes to taking arbitrary pictures not much has changed since then. If there’s one thing that photography
has taught me is that beauty in this world can be found anywhere if you look hard enough – and by playing around
with the various settings your camera has to offer, searching for that beauty can be a fun experience.
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Anarins’s Mist – Short Story

A short story which my friend and I wrote just shows how easy it is to write something on the fly. This only works for short stories or a particular scene as most book series have in-depth characters,history and flavor which need to be thought out at length and researched.

If you ever feel like you’re in a rut then put your heads together and just start writing. Writing and storytelling should always stay fun and break boundaries. Feel free to send in your own short stories.


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8 Photography tips for students and professionals

When I studied photography I was overwhelmed by the work of professionals and the little effort it seemed to take to get that perfect image. I wished people told me what to expect in the line of photography and what you should do after studying.

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What kind of writer are you?

I’ve always been fascinated by the various genres stories available these days. Nothing beats a good day on the bed or couch with a warm blanket as it rains outside reading you’re favortie book.


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